The Benefits of a Network for Small Business

Setting up a computer network for your businesses is an efficient way to share resources and information within your office. It’s an essential part to any modern business. Once set up, a network allows computers and their users to be connected together.

The many benefits of adding a network to your office include:

  1. File Sharing: Your entire team has access to shared data, so all information on the database is current and visible to everyone. There is no need to copy files to a USB or send individual files through email to multiple users. Users can directly share files using the network.
  2. Resource Sharing: Your office can share one internet connection and printer. Whether you choose a wired or wireless system, your business only needs one internet connection that can be shared by all devices. This can cut on cost and simplify maintenance and repairs. All devices can be wirelessly connected to a shared printer and streamlining access will save time and money.
  3. Software Cost & Management: Many programs offer software products for networks at a discounted rate. You will also save when you only have to load software onto the file server instead of onto each individual computer. The same can be said for updates which will be done once on the your server instead of on individual computers.
  4. Flexible Access: Access data from anywhere, simply by accessing your network. You’ll have the flexibility to start a project on one computer and finish on another. Multiple users can also collaborate on the same project through the network.
  5. Increased Connectivity: Networks connect computers and their users. Individuals within
    the office can connect to the network, and users who need to remotely access the network can also connect. Once users are connected, transmission of information is easier, more efficient and less expensive than it would be without a network.
  6. Work Group Computing: All users on the network cannot only access all the same files, but they are able to edit and share the same documents. Whether it’s a to do list or a project file, everyone can update and edit documents. You can see real time updates to documents and programs.
  7. Security: All network data can be backed up regularly because it is housed in one centralized location. Individuals don’t have to worry about backing up their workstations. Management can also control which users in the company have access to critical data.

Your small business may not benefit from all the advantages a network allows, but if you utilize more than one computer in your business, you should consider investing in a network. Setting up all the components can be technical, and best organized by a professional. If you are interested in seeing how a network could benefit your business set up a consultation with AZ Net Worx today.