COVID-19: We’re Here to Help!

At AZ Net Worx, we’re established experts at helping companies and employees continue working, whether on-site or remotely. More than 90% of computer issues can be solved remotely and now, more than ever, computers are keeping us connected: to work, to our families, friends, and loved ones, and to the news and latest safety information.

If you are a business or individual impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re here to help. From now until April 30th, 2020 we’re offering 50% off remote computer support and telecommuting setup services.

Services Include:

  • Remote Computer Tune-Up (Virus, Malware, and Bloatware removal)
  • Software Setup and Configuration
  • VPN & Remote Computer Access
  • Virus Removal (COVID-19 not covered)
  • Remote troubleshooting and error resolution

Please contact us for more details using the form below.