Flat Rate Pricing

At AZ Net Worx we believe in giving our customers the maximum bang for their buck. That is why we have flat rate pricing for many of our services. If you’ve ever worked as a technician before, you know that sometimes unexpected things pop up that make a job take longer than it normally would. When you use AZ Net Worx, you don’t have to worry about extra fees or adding another charge for the extra time. The flat rate is all you pay.


Computer Tune-Up - $80

Is your computer running more slowly than it should? Then this service is for you! Most people don’t really think about it, but your computer needs regular maintenance just like your car. Let us give your computer the “oil change” it needs to keep running at its best.

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Operating system registry cleanup
  • Removal of bloatware
  • Update drivers and service packs
  • Check system temperatures
  • Physical clean out of dust and debris
  • General operations check
  • Cleaning and maintenance of one connected device included

Game Console Setup - $50

You don’t need to worry about the mess of wires behind your TV, because AZ Net Worx has you covered! We will professionally install your game console, ensuring that everything works and your wires are neatly tied up.

Repair Consultation - $50

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify the source of a computer issue. At AZ Net Worx we pride ourselves on being troubleshooting experts. Is something not working and it isn’t easy to tell what it is? We will find out for you, no matter how long it takes. After we have completed troubleshooting, we will provide you with a full report of what we found and our recommendations for how to proceed. There will be no further obligation. You can choose what to do.

Virus Removal - $50

Viruses are a pain, and they happen to everyone. Some of them are even clever enough to get around most antivirus programs. If you have a virus, we can get rid of it for you, guaranteed. 

Wireless Printer Setup - $75 +

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up your new printer? Let our professionals handle it for you. We will set up your printer on your wireless network so any computer in your home or office can use all of its features. Pricing is dependent on how many devices need to connect to the printer.

Data Backup - $50

Sometimes computers crash, components fail, and you lose your important files. Make sure the pictures of your loved ones and important documents are safe with our Data backup! This service is a one-time backup to an external device. You provide the device, and we will make sure that nothing gets missed.

Wireless Network Setup - $85

Security is a big concern in today’s modern computing world. You need to know that your data is secure, and that your wireless network is set up the right way. Let us ensure that your WiFi is safe, and that all of your devices connect to your network flawlessly. This service covers up to four devices. Each additional device is only $10.

Full Computer Setup - $99

After you purchase a new computer it can be a hassle to get everything set up correctly. Let us handle it for you! We will set up your peripherals, update your drivers and service packs, and make sure you are completely ready to go!

One-Time Network Admin - $50

If you have a small network in your home, or a network in your office, sometimes it needs administrative support. We can handle any networking task for you. From adding a new workstation to your domain, to changing the permissions of a specific user, we can administrate your network for you.


Motherboard Replacement - $99

If your motherboard needs to be replaced, or you simply want an upgrade, we will install it for you hassle free. This service includes reinstalling all of the hardware that connects to your new motherboard, so your computer will be ready to use.

Internal Rebuild Special - $175

If you need to replace several internal parts, or just want a system wide upgrade, then this service is for you. Instead of charging a-la-cart for each piece of hardware, this affordable bundle covers the installation of a new motherboard, CPU, RAM, power supply, and internal peripheral cards.

CPU Replacement - $75

CPU replacement often is more involved than other pieces of internal hardware. Our professionals will get it done right, ensuring the installation also properly manages the heat generated during operation.

Other Internal Hardware - $50

Need a memory upgrade? Is your power supply starting to falter? Get a new graphics card and want to ensure it is set up correctly? We will take care of it for you.


Basic Windows Install - $120

With this service we will install Windows on your machine and make sure it runs as it is supposed to. This basic install does not include updating Windows or configuring your computer beyond making sure it runs. If you need or want a new hard drive with your new Windows install, the installation of the new drive is only $30.

Software Installation and Configuration - $60

We will install your software on your computer and make sure all of its setting are correct for your system. Any additional software you need installed during the same visit is only $30 each.

Full Windows Install - $180

This service is the full treatment. It includes formatting your hard drive, installing Windows from scratch on the fresh drive, installing all updated drivers for your hardware, installing all Windows updates and service packs, installing anti-malware and antivirus software, and backing up all data possible from your existing computer so we can transfer it to the new Windows install. If you need or want a new hard drive with your new Windows install, the installation of the new drive is only $30.